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Peter Duschinsky

Peter Duschinsky is Managing Director and founder of The Imaginist Company. Peter is a management consultant with over 30 years of experience of bringing best practice and new ways of working into business.

In 1995 in a joint venture with IT World Consultants, Peter set up the BuyIT Best Practice Network, an independent not-for-profit group with over 40 senior level members from industry, trade & professional institutions and government. BuyIT’s mission is to help UK organisations realise the business benefits from Information & Communications Technology by identifying and promoting best practice.

In 2000, Peter launched the BuyIT e-Procurement Network, backed by DTI, e-Envoy's Office, CBI and other BuyIT members. BuyIT’s e-Procurement Guidelines are available on the BuyIT website: www.buyitnet.org

Peter set up The Imaginist Company in 2002 to be able to bring the best practice principles he had developed to new projects and clients.  He is working with like-minded associates, the Imaginist Consortium on e-procurement and e-business projects for private and public sector clients.